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Milky Mama Lactation Cookie

Milky Mama Lactation Cookie

Now available in 3 NEW flavors! All cookies will contain either oats/oat flour to maximize milk production. Key ingredients in these lactation cookies are:


- Brewers Yeast

- Oats

- Ground Flaxseed 


These are deffinetly not your average lactation cookies! They taste so good, you'd never know they had all the magical ingredients to help increase your milky supply. Every single customer who has tried these cookies have seen a difference almost instantly! I would reccomend in my personal opinion to eat 1-2 cookies a day with a glass of water. Please do not over exceed with the amount you eat per day without trying it out first! It works so well you may end up getting an oversupply, clogged duct, or mastitis. & we all hate when that happens! 




Cookies n Creme Oat


Double Chocolate Chip Oat


Birthday Cake Oat


OG Milky Mama Oatmeal Chocolate Chip


more flavors will be available upon request, just inquire for more details!


You are welcome to create your own cookie in lactation form, or add on any toppings/fillings (subject to price increase). Please inquire to see how to include that to your order.

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