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About Us


Who needs abs anyway?! Hi! My name is Taylor & I'm the owner of That Blonde Cookie Lady. It all started during Quarantine 2020. I know alot of us were doing some of the same things. Stress-induced baking or trying out a new (disastrous) recipe while being home ridden. I became exceptionally good at reading a recipe & making it my own. My family got sick of having to stuff their faces with my delicious cookies so I thought.. what better way to make use of a crappy situation and put my new-found talent to good use? Thats where the magic of "The Cookie Plug" came to be! It all started with my famous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (which are to DIE for, deffinetly try it if you're into peanut butter) and I expanded from there! Busting out crazy new flavors whenever I could, then moving onto something even more magical... STUFFED cookies! Total game changer. I try to keep it original and put my own niche on things so I say this with my whole heart, you will not regret trying these cookies! I promise you have never tasted anything like them. They are so moist, chewy, soft & flavorful. They are a perfect mid night snack, breakfast lunch or dinner, and the best kind of gift to give someone you love! If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me down below. So what are you waiting for? Get you some gourmet cookies!

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